Dental Technology

The WAND STA computerized single tooth anesthesia system

This device is amazing! It uses a very fine tip, almost imperceptible, to administer anesthesia drop by drop. It uses sensors to measure back pressure to guide the dentist or the dental hygienist in providing painless, profound anesthesia. For most patients, this device can achieve single tooth anesthesia. A lot of patients love that feature, because they don't have to have their entire face numb.

The WAND STA, when used in conjunction with gentle techniques, can allow our providers to administer anesthesia with almost no perception.

CBCT with low-dose digital xrays

Our 3D x-ray machine from Planmeca is so precise, it allows us to see hairline fractures which are almost invisible in 2D x-rays. Furthermore, the machine can take a scan of the entire upper face, lower face, and even part of the airway. This allows us to not only check teeth, but also sinuses, bone structure, and even shows us possible airway issues, for people at risk for sleep apnea. We can also use this machine to check for TMJ issues in detail.

Using the Romexis software, this machine enables us to plan out implants and the teeth which go on top of implants very precisely. This means, we can complete the implant surgery virtually on our software before we treat the patient. By being able to plan the implants in 3D, it makes our surgeries tremendously more precise, and it also allows us to design the teeth with much more predictability.

The best part? This machine uses ultra low dose radiation, coupled with artifact removal and image stabilizing software, which means that not only is the dose very low, but the software can remove artifacts from metals and from shaking to reduce the chances of re-taking the images.
Dentistry is advancing fast, and a CBCT is becoming a standard of care protocol!

Intraoral Scanner - Digital Impressions

Gag reflex? Don't like yucky impression materials in your mouth? Our 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner can take impressions for most procedures using optical cameras and robust software. Traditional impressions can distort, but digital impressions are just data, which does not distort.

Not only are impressions with digital scanners easier and less messy for the patient, but they are also a lot more precise. This precision allows us to make our crowns and dentures better, our implants more accurate, and even make our clear aligner orthodontic treatment more predictable.

Soft tissue laser

We love our diode laser!

Most people have some sort of gum infection, such as gingivitis or periodontitis. Coupled with gum treatments and medications, the diode laser can safely be used to provide laser bacterial reduction to even further clean pockets.

Often, people suffer from cold sores, canker sores, herpetic lesions, and even trauma from biting themselves. The laser energy from our AMD laser can help alleviate discomfort from these lesions and allow them to heal faster.

When it comes to surgery, a diode laser can make the healing time much faster. Overgrown gums, diseased tissue tags, and irritated areas can be safely and predictably treated with the AMD laser. The laser energy cleans and cauterizes as it works; the end results are better, faster, and with less discomfort.

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