Tooth loss can lead to serious consequences for your smile and self-esteem. If you are missing the majority of your teeth along one of your jaws or an entire dental arch, the doctors of NAPA Dental of ABQ can fit you with a durable and natural-looking denture that can restore your smile. Once your prosthetic has been placed, you can enjoy many oral health benefits.

How do dentures work?

Tooth loss is far more common than many people think. Around 36 million Americans do not have any teeth, according to the American College of Prosthodontists. One popular solution to extensive tooth loss is to have a partial or full denture placed. The prosthetics consist of a row of natural-looking teeth that rest on a strong, pinkish-red acrylic resin base.

Denture Options

If you are missing most of your teeth along one arch but still retain multiple healthy teeth, you may be a candidate for a partial denture. A partial denture is designed to fit snugly between your existing teeth. The prosthetic snaps onto nearby teeth via metal clasps.

If you are missing an entire arch of teeth on either your upper or lower jaw, you can be fitted with a full denture. The prosthetic is held in place along your gums with the aid of a bonding agent. Dentures can be removable or implant-retained. Our office offers dental implants for patients who desire the superior stability and bone-retaining benefits of implants.

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To receive one or more implants, patients will need to undergo a straightforward oral surgery that places one or more titanium posts in the jaw. The treatment timeline for this advanced restoration can last anywhere from three to six months or longer, depending on certain candidacy considerations.

Benefit from Working with a Qualified Prosthodontist

No matter which restorative option you choose, our doctors are qualified to provide you with a quality prosthetic that meets your oral health needs and satisfies your personal goals. One of our dentists, Dr. Park, has advanced training in prosthodontics (the science of making and placing prosthetics).  His studies in that field were completed through Columbia University. 

Treatment Overview

The process of fabricating your custom restoration is straightforward. First, one of our doctors will listen carefully to your oral health needs and personal goals. If you have questions about how to use and maintain your dentures, one of our doctors will take the time to ensure that you understand the important aspects of using dentures.

Once the exact type of denture is decided on, an impression or mold of your smile will be made. This information will be sent to a trusted laboratory that will fabricate your denture to exacting standards. One of our doctors will ensure that the final restoration matches and blends in with your smile. It can take a few weeks to adjust to dentures. We ask that you are patient with the learning process.

Our dental team will be available to answer questions or to give suggestions so you can enjoy the full benefits of this life-changing prosthetic. With proper care and regular visits to our office, you can enjoy restored oral function and a revamped smile for many years to come.

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Having a quality denture placed can be a life-changing event. Dentures can leave you looking several years younger. If you require the extraction of multiple teeth, our doctors can plan that treatment while keeping your comfort in mind. We offer oral sedation to ensure that invasive treatments are always comfortable. Once you have recovered, you can be fitted with a quality denture that restores form and function to your smile. To schedule your next visit, call (505) 323 7700.

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