Scared at the dentist? Beat dental anxiety with sedation dentistry!

Do you get afraid when you think of a dental chair? Do you experience enough anxiety around dental offices that you’re willing to avoid dental visits altogether? Then you might be suffering from mild to severe dentophobia, also known as fear of the dentist. But with sedation dentistry, you don’t have to experience extreme fear at a dental office anymore!

At Napa Family Dental, our caring and compassionate Albuquerque, NM, team wants to prioritize your oral health and make you feel comfortable at the same time. That’s why we offer many sedation options for a pleasant dental experience.

Don’t let unreasonable fears keep you from becoming a new patient–call 505-323-7700 or contact us online to schedule an appointment for you or a family member.

Why is it important to visit a dentist’s office anyway?

We get it, a previously painful experience may have tainted dentists for you. However, it’s important to visit a dentist regularly to ward off dental problems, such as gum disease, cavities, root canals, and even heart disease. Thankfully, the right dentist (such as our very own Dr. Antani!) can help you overcome your irrational fear of painful procedures with relaxation techniques and sedation dentistry. 

Regularly going to the dentist and getting a teeth cleaning with a dental hygienist could save both your oral health and overall health. So, stop avoiding the dentist altogether (and avoid dental problems!) by requesting pain-free preventive dental work while you’re in the dentist’s chair.

How common is dental fear?

Peer-reviewed studies estimate that nearly 40% of Americans avoid the dentist due to dental anxiety. The root cause of this fear is the same for many patients, such as:

  • A previously painful dental treatment, like a root canal
  • Getting teeth pulled
  • The sounds and sensations of a dental office, such as drilling and suction
  • Feeling vulnerable while lying supine
  • Generalized nervousness or social anxiety

Ultimately, a good dentist will do everything they can to make you feel more comfortable and at ease, even during a routine checkup!

Am I a good candidate for sedation dentistry?

Dental care shouldn’t keep you up at night. So, if you are sweating your next visit to a dentist office, then you would benefit from sedation dentistry.  However, sedation dentistry isn’t just for people with dental fears.

Patients who are getting lengthy cosmetic procedures or who like to twiddle or fidget during dental procedures are great candidates for sedation dentistry. So, talk to our caring team before your dental appointment if you want a more comfortable dental experience.

What are my sedation dentistry options?

At Napa Family Dental, we have two options to help treat dentophobia:

  • Oral sedatives via a prescription pill

Many dentists offer only one or the other, but our compassionate team believes that giving our patients options is beneficial to their physical, mental, and dental health.

What else can I do to combat dental phobia?

Whether you’re in the waiting room or the treatment room, the American Dental Association recommends these tips to calm your nerves during dentist visits:

  • Breathing exercises, like inhaling for 5 seconds and exhaling for 5 seconds
  • Relaxing tense muscles
  • Distract yourself with your favorite music, movies, or TV shows
  • Ask for breaks when necessary
  • Communicate your feelings to our dental team

We want to encourage our patients to let us know if they are uncomfortable. Our patients deserve nothing less than quality care in a calming environment.

Kick fear of the dentist to the curb!

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to induce feelings of pain and fear. That’s why Napa Family Dental offers comfort options, like sedation dentistry. We want to give you a pleasant experience at every visit (even your first appointment!). So, don’t delay–schedule your appointment today by calling 505-323-7700 or booking online.

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